Tips for Transferring Your Money Internationally

money exchange

Sending money internationally involves a lot of hidden charges, paperwork and security issues.  In case you need to send the money on regular basis- you have to pay a mortgage to the family member who lives abroad. This makes the process very difficult and time taking. Here we have some tips which can help you in making the money transfer experience hassle free, smooth and cheap.  
1. Look For Best Rate Of Exchange: Research is the wow factor which can help you reduce the burden. You can try comparing the rates offered by the banks and different money transfer services in you city. Banks often offer a higher rate as compared to other institutions so it is always better to do a survey and find the best possible rate.

2. Do Include The Country Where You Wish To Send The Money: Some of the transfer companies have special offers for a particular country. So do not forget to include your country’s name you may get some promotion offer such as $0 fees for first 15 days after your first transfer to USA or 0% Interest rate for your transfer etc.

3. Look For Cheapest Fee: For those who send the money on a regular basis, the transfer fee is as dangerous as the exchange rates. So ask the transfer service about any offers available on transfers. If you are a regular customer they may offer you free transfers in exchange of some monthly fee. You can decide which offer is more feasible and choose your fee accordingly.

4. Be Safe And Secure:  Safety is of utmost importance when it is related to your financial matter. One of the best ways to check for safety is to make sure that the agency you are using is regulated by a renowned agency. Most of the services are regulated by the government legislations.

5. Get A Rate Alert:  You can ask your foreign exchange broker to set up a rate alert in your favor. This can help in making regular transfers easy as you can use the service when you get the best possible rate.
It is advisable to get a professional advice from well experienced experts. If you are looking for finest money transfer services in Chandigarh with best possible rates and hassle free services you can feel free to contact Hedge Money Private Ltd.


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Hedge Money Pvt. Ltd. is an RBI authorized Full Fledge Money Changer (FFMC) company. Having an interest in Foreign Exchange, Travel, Inward Money Transfer and Outward Remittance in association with world’s known companies and banks – the company is being run by the team of professionals.
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