Top Tips for Exchanging Money


Planning to travel to a foreign country? Worried about the expenses, surcharges and exchange rates associated with it. It is one of the most important tasks to do before traveling. A good survey is required to find the best currency exchange company in the city. If you are living in Chandigarh and looking for currency exchange service, we have some tips for you:


  • Know The Rate In Advance: The most overlooked question is looking for a currency exchange rate. Before you visit the market, do an online research about the current market price. You can get online currency conversion sites which can give you an idea about the price you are going to pay.
  • Avoid Those Who Take Commissions: Nobody likes to pay commission. Avoid the exchange booths who charge commissions. If it is written “commission free”, then also be aware as you may end up paying a great exchange rate. Do the calculation yourself and pay the right price.
  • Avoid Paying Hidden Charges: Many companies have hidden charges included when you exchange the money. Look for those charges and try to avoid paying them by asking the provider to clarify.
  • Keep Some Dollars: The USA dollars have a great value in the market and are widely acceptable. In case you run out of currency during a strike or nighttime, the US dollars may act as a savior and help you. So, keep some in your pocket for sure.

Follow these simple tips to s13233001_938497829581124_4323347121185014371_nave your money on the currency exchange and get the best deal out of it.  Have some information before hand when you step into the market for the services. Be sure that you get the exchange before and never leave it to the last minute. Airports offer very high charging commissions and poor rates as they have the monopoly for the last minute customers.  Plan well; it can actually help you save hundreds of dollars.


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Hedge Money Pvt. Ltd. is an RBI authorized Full Fledge Money Changer (FFMC) company. Having an interest in Foreign Exchange, Travel, Inward Money Transfer and Outward Remittance in association with world’s known companies and banks – the company is being run by the team of professionals.
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