Places Where You Can Exchange Foreign Currencies

Foreign currency is a significant part of your travel to some other country. There are a lot of questions about currency exchange which can blow your mind. What is the right time for money exchange? Should I consider it before departure or abroad? Should I prefer a money changer or a bank? With all these options you may get in a dilemma to choose the best place where you can exchange currencies. Read through to know the best choice for you.

1) Exchange Currencies in Banks :-

You can go to your bank and order foreign currencies. Most of the banks do not provide foreign currencies immediately and you’ll have to wait for few days to receive the money. Moreover, as exchanging currency is not the main activity of banks the rate at which they change your money may also be unfavorable. Sometimes you may also need to pay a fixed commission amount.


2) Check Money Changers & Currency Exchange Dealers in Your City:-

Money changers are specialized in the craft of foreign currency exchange.  These professionals are more competitive than the banks. You can choose the money changing company in Chandigarh that offers competitive rates on the currency you need. You can compare the difference in rates between all the money changers in your area and make a decision. The comparison is more important when you want to purchase a rare currency.


3) Order Foreign Currency Online :-

You can also conveniently order foreign currency sitting at your home at very competitive rates. Many currency exchange offices provide the facility to order foreign currencies online. You will receive your bank notes by email at your place. There are some money changers that allow you to order online and then you can pick the money from their office directly.


4) Find Money Changer Abroad:-

If you have decided not to exchange money in your home country you can find an office to change the bank notes for you abroad. You can carry a minimum amount of money with you and then withdraw money or find a currency exchange at the airport of your destination. However, the currency rates at these places may not be the best. You can look for a competitive money changer and ask them verbally how much net currencies you get for the amount of money that you exchange.


Do not fall victim of dishonest money changers who charge you a lot. It is better to tour the money changers in your own country as the rates they offer are lesser and you can get a good deal than abroad.






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