Making Fast and Safe Currency Conversions with Foreign Exchange

Based on the concept of a free economy it can be said that the value of a country’s currency depends upon the supply and demand goods and services between multiple nations. Currency value also might be fixed by the government.

Significant factors responsible for determining the value of any particular currency are based on trade, investment, and tourism. Each time a tourist visits a nation, he or she is required to pay for the basic necessities such as for goods and services by utilising the currency of the host nation. So it is very crucial for a tourist to exchange the currency of his or her country to gain the foreign currency.

Foreign Exchange Company in Ambala

Being the best Foreign Exchange Company in Ambala, we at Hedge Money offer the following features to ensure an easy and smooth currency conversion:

  1. Competitive exchange rates
  2. Easy and speedy transaction
  3. Purchase and sales of all major currencies
  4. Minimum time to send money abroad
  5. Reliable customer support

Though there is no shortage of Foreign exchange companies in Chandigarh, most of them end up exploiting customers through their unreasonable exchange rates. Since customers have little choice, they are compelled to buy/sell foreign exchange in Chandigarh at such rates. Daily rate is a standard rate fixed for exchanging a currency on a particular day. In reality, foreign currency rates fluctuate constantly all through the day. So to avoid any losses, currency exchange companies end up charging higher rates in the guise of ‘daily rates’.

Foreign exchange is a highly monitored area in most places so you need to be careful while dealing with it. Some online companies will give you unbeatable exchange prices but beware of fraudsters and opt for a currency broker with the good reputation.

Hedge Money is the only authorised money changer Chandigarh at live and real time market rates, which are far more economical for currency exchange. The customer’s comfort and convenience is of utmost priority to the Company and it has spared no effort in this regard. Right from ensuring easy booking, to guaranteed best rates, to having your order delivered right to your door-step, the customer couldn’t have asked for more.

If you are looking for the best foreign money exchange in Chandigarh log onto and experience the whole new way of remitting foreign exchange at best and live rates.

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Foreign Currency Exchange Trading facts you should know

Trade volume in Money Transfer Services in Chandigarh and other parts of the globe has been escalated radically in recent a long time. Taking after the far-reaching selection of the internet as a specialised gadget, turnover in trade has reached trillions for each day. Yet, to attribute this spectacular escalation in exchange volume exclusively to the web would simply downplay the intrinsic advantages that traders enjoy through the business of trading foreign currency.

Foreign Exchange (2)

Foreign Exchange Company in India

Here are 3 amazing facts & benefits of trading in foreign currency exchange:

1) Liquid Investment

The benefit of foreign currency exchange market has to be extremely liquid, providing the investors with the flexibility to vacate back their invested cash at any point of time. Did you know why because foreign exchange market is not only limited to Chandigarh, it is not difficult to explore potential buyers of a particular currency?

2) Recession Resistant

One of the biggest benefits that traders of Foreign exchange company in India enjoy lies within the insulation to recessions. It is unlike other financial items, for example, stocks that are to a great vulnerable to recessionary pressure, but foreign currency exchange market is comparatively immune towards such a downfall.

For instance, the dollar can be traded or exchanged against or for some other currency in the market.

3) Convenience

Last but not the least is convenience. Trading in foreign currency exchange is absolutely convenient and is well organised. Unlike in stock market, there is no finishing hour and the traders across the world can stay attached via the internet round the clock. Moreover, it can deliver your family as an extra income also and can be taken up as a full-time occupation too.



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Mixed Martial Arts – Things you Really Need to Know

Who would have thought that Mixed Martial Arts would gain such popularity and attract so many fans and new people would join to learn this combat sport? This sport is respected worldwide but there are many who still do not fully understand what it is all about. MMA uses techniques from various martial arts and Olympic sports.

Mixed Martial Arts

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Looking for Currency Exchange? Here is a Brief Guide for You

Every person who is planning a trip to any destination across the borders should get in touch with a certified foreign exchange company in Manali, H.P. It will not only let you experience the best exchange rates but also charge you with comparatively less commission too. For more details regarding tips for currency exchange, make sure you read this blog.

Foreign Exchange Company in Manali, H.P

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Travelling Abroad? Why Prepaid Forex Card is the Best

Getting a Forex travel card via a certified foreign exchage services in Chandigarh is always a viable option to take up. Whether you are in a shopping mall, riding through a taxi or eating out at any restaurant, these cards can be used efficiently. It is a reliable option for your next holiday trip to any destination worldwide.


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Save Money with These Currency Exchange Tips

Your search for a reliable, affordable and professional currency exchange company in Chandigarh will definitely finish at Hedge Money. Since inception, we have been offering the best foreign exchange rates. Feel free to visit us whenever you are looking for the best Forex services, travel solutions, and remittance services at inexpensive prices in Chandigarh.


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6 Things To Remember Before Buying Foreign Currency In India

Before you buy foreign currency for a holiday abroad, contact a money transfer company in India that is authorized by RBI and offers best prices. Avoid exchanging your money at airport counters. It is best to carry 30 % in cash and 70 % amount in plastic i.e. Forex card.6 Things To Remember Before Buying Foreign Currency In India

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Sending Money to India – Tips & Tricks

Sending money to India - Tips & Tricks

Before transferring the money to India it is important to understand the jargons related to foreign exchange and search for the most cost-effective service. You can search for companies that offer most affordable money transfer services in Chandigarh by shopping online for different providers.

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Wish To Go Abroad? Know Your Forex Limits

Planning to go abroad for studies, for business or a holiday? The most important thing which you need is a foreign exchange in the local currency. You can easily exchange foreign currency in Chandigarh, but your budget may go haywire if you are not aware of the relevant limits under foreign exchange regulations. The Reserve Bank of India is the nodal body that manages foreign exchange and has prescribed the limits up to which an individual can remit or spend foreign exchange freely.


Limits On The Basis Of Travel Purpose

  • Holiday: If you are planning a holiday abroad you may need to spend foreign currency for accommodation, tour arrangements, shopping, etc. An individual can draw foreign exchange up to $10,000 in a year for one or more private visits.
  • Business trip: If you have to go abroad for business, attend a conference or special training the limit of foreign exchange is up to $25,000. You can either request for funds from your bank or choose a private money exchanger.
  • Education: $100,000 equivalent can be drawn per academic year for studying abroad. It may cover all expenses related to education that includes tuition fees, admission fees and purchase of study material. If further funds are needed an estimate from the study institute has to be produced in the concerned bank.
  • Medical Treatment: For medical treatment, the set limit is up to $100,000 based on the self-declaration of essential details. If the individual wishes to take money over prescribed limits an estimate of doctor or hospital has to be provided.
  • Employment and Emigration: RBI has allowed drawing up to $100,000 for taking up employment in a foreign land or to emigrate to another country. For emigration, a self-declaration is required or an amount prescribed by the country of immigration.

So, whatever is your purpose of travel by being aware of the limits you can plan your trip accordingly. You can purchase the foreign currency from any authorized dealer such as banks which deal in foreign currency.  Money changers also provide money for business and private visits at competitive rates.


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The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional For Money Exchange 


Currency exchange is considered as the largest financial domain in the world. Millions of dollars are being dealt in money exchange every day. A professionally qualified individual who knows the currency market very well is vital for making sure that you get the best deal available.


Here are some benefits:

  • Get The Best Exchange Rate

When you give a call to a professional, they will give you the live interbank rate. This means that you get the immediate rate for the exchange. On the other hand, banks normally set their rate at the beginning of the day and set the rate only if any major fluctuations have taken place. In other words, with the help of professional, you get the current rate than you would get with the bank.

  • Payments Are Made Quickly

Currency exchange professionals tend to work quickly than the banks. They get your payment processed on the same day as your request. They also offer flexible variety of transactions including forward contracts and spot. The professionals do not charge commission, thus you get lower transfer fee than you would with the bank.

  • Provide Personal Service

Choose the right professional and you will get the best services. Building relationship takes a lot of work and it is most important when you are dealing with foreign money transfers where you need the professional to have a good idea about your needs and a great deal of experience on the pulse of currency exchange. This means that the professional will be able to give you highly customized service, cutting down on the amount you would waste in currency exchange.

  • Protect From Adverse Exchange Rate

The foreign money exchange market is fluctuating all the time. If you plan to exchange money then hiring a professional is a great idea as they know all about it. Having someone with experience, who can warn you of the changes in the currency rates and pick the right time to exchange protects you from the adverse exchange rates.

Foreign money exchange professionals in Chandigarh act as a mediator between the seller and user. These individuals have experience in this domain and know the right time to trade the money, so taking assistance from them can help you.

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